At WENNBERG STUDIO, we believe that one of our obligations is to help you understand the different parts of the project you entrusted to us. For this reason, in order to facilitate the proper communication and interpretation of the projects to be carried out, we develop our projects in three phases: VISUAL, LEGAL AND REAL

We compile the specific needs of each client, provide comprehensive advice and develop a 3-D virtual model of your project. This exercise allows us to visualise the space as a whole, defining a shared goal between client and architect.
Once that final image has been approved, we create all the technical documents needed to secure the construction licence. These documents, including blueprints and reports, confirm compliance with ordinances and regulations. Because this second phase involves a more detailed technical definition, samples are provided and visits are made to distributors in order to take a more rigorous approach.
Once the licence is secured, we monitor the construction site to help the client understand the process and oversee the management and resolution of potential unforeseen developments in the process.

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